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HTML viewing   vs.   applet, ActiveX and Flash

Different file formats make it impossible to insure your users will be able to view content. In addition, many companies have strict application-install policies for security reasons and to comply with licensing contracts. A user wanting to simply view content may need to call the system administrator or submit a help desk ticket to install the viewer software. These delays cost productivity.

Companies that require a viewer have traditionally turned to applet or ActiveX technology to solve the viewer challenge. These viewers service multiple formats but the underlying technology has problems which include:
  • Blocked by security settings
  • Constant version Updates
  • pop-up blocker problems
  • security warnings
  • firewall blocking
  • large JRE downloads
  • Verisign expiration
  • performance load time
  • browser instability
  • No iPAD support

Kyte Viewer overcomes these problems

Kyte Viewer has real power - a versatile content viewer with no software downloads, no hassles, no problems.


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